Tea and coffee packaging

Effective coffee and tea packaging is vital for preserving original aroma and taste of the product. The best packaging will keep your tea and coffee fresh for months or years, greatly extending its shelf life.

We provide packaging solutions for all kinds of coffee (instant, ground, whole beans) and tea (white, green, black, oolong, herbal).

Marzek FlexiLog implements high barrier composite combinations to keep your tea and coffee fresh. Our packaging manufacturing process is BRC and Hygiene compliant guaranteeing, safe packaging production.

High barrier composites – Marzek FlexiLog packaging keeps all the aroma inside, your coffee or tea will be as fresh as the day you sealed it.

Controlled storage conditions – with Marzek FlexiLog packaging you can be sure that your product will be preserved with unchanged moisture, oxygen, CO2, and light levels throughout its shelf life.

Coffee packaging structure

Packaging solutions for coffee are based on PET, aluminum foil and polyethylene. Every composite serves its dedicated function: PET protects against oxygen, the ALU foil provides great protection from many environmental factors, PE film serves as a sealing layer and guarantees your package is airtight and moisture-proof. This combination is optimal for conserving the aroma and taste of premium coffee.

  • PET film (good barrier against oxygen)
  • aluminum foil (high barrier material, good full protection)
  • transparent polyethylene (protects against water vapors)

Tea packaging structure

Marzek FlexiLog offers packaging for both bigger tea portions (50, 100, 200, or more grams) and individual packages (tea sachets). Even though tea is less vulnerable to the  environment than coffee, we use the best composites for its packaging, protecting your product from moisture, foreign smells, and excessive sunlight.

  • biaxially oriented polypropylene film (high transparency, good protection against condensed water)
  • biaxially oriented metallized polypropylene film (good protection against sunlight and condensed water)